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Montpelier has added a new video for their visitors to watch before their tour. Check out Madison's 3 biggest contributions to our American user's manual: the Constitution.
Kat speaks with Adeel Hassan of the New York Times about the recent controversy around the First Lady of Virginia and the need for education and dialogue around best practices when sharing our nation's difficult history. 
This story was published on February 28, 2019. Read it here. 
Terri Allard & Charlottesville Inside Out visit Kat at Montpelier to explore all there is to do and see at Montpelier, including the Mere Distinction of Colour exhibition. 
Kat joins Stewart Harris on Your Weekly Constitutional to discuss Montpelier's efforts to conserve James Madison's natural legacy.
Listen to the podcast here. 
Recent Highlights
Kat with Brent Leggs, Director of the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund outside of James Madison’s Montpelier during the National Summit on Teaching Slavery. For this summit, Montpelier and the National Trust for Historic Preservation convened national experts to create a new model for teaching slavery and engaging descendants
Read the story here
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Kat with the panel of "For Us, By Us: America's Trust in, and Expectations of, the Constitution," a discussion around the results of Montpelier's recent national survey. Event was held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.
Watch the discussion here.  See the survey results here
In photo, from left to right: Rachna Choudhry, Susan Glasser, Judy Woodruff, Kat Imhoff, Hasan Jeffries. 
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