Speaking Engagements

Kat is a nationally recognized speaker on subjects related to James Madison, the Constitution, Conservation and Preservation. Her talks range from subjects including Constitution and the Cloud, which she's given at Microsoft, to America's Ongoing Revolution for the Charleston Library Society. 

Speech topics include:

  • Restoring Slavery to the American Historic Landscape and Telling the Whole Story

  • Preserving America’s Constitutional and Cultural Heritage:  James Madison’s Montpelier

  • James Madison and the Constitutional Moment 

  • Why Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution and Architect of the Bill of Rights

  • The Constitution and The Cloud: What James Madison would say about the Privacy/Security Debate 

  • Dolley Madison and the Politics of Gracious Hospitality

Watch Kat open TEDxCharlottesville with her talk: I, You and We: Seeing Race in America One Person At A Time. 

 Watch the TomTom panel discussion, Messy Democracy: From Founding Our Nation to Finding Our Way

Watch Kat's engaging talk on the political talents of Dolley Madison given at The Virginia Museum of History & Culture and aired on C-SPAN.