Kat Imhoff, President and CEO of The Montpelier Foundation, Will Step Down This Fall


July 22, 2019

Kat Imhoff, President & CEO, The Montpelier Foundation, responsible for the

home of President James Madison, the Father of the Constitution and Architect

of the Bill of Rights, will step down this fall

MONTPELIER STATION, VA - Dennis A. Kernahan, Chairman of The Montpelier

Foundation, announced on Monday, July 22nd, that Kat Imhoff will be leaving Montpelier this fall to continue the pursuit of her interests in conservation and preservation. In conjunction with James Madison's Montpelier, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), Montpelier recently placed an additional 1,024 acres under permanent conservation easement, bringing the total to 1,900 acres of protected historical land set aside for all to enjoy.

In making the announcement, Kernahan noted that: "Over the last seven years Kat's leadership has transformed Montpelier. She recognized the obligation of Montpelier to address the legacy of slavery through a forthright reappraisal of the contradiction between the principles of liberty and the reality of human bondage.She advanced appreciation of core Constitutional principles through innovative educational programming. She championed stewardship of Montpelier's natural and cultural resources resulting in a landmark conservation easement. She raised record contributions to advance and sustain Montpelier's work. She welcomed the community to enjoy this magnificent property. I deeply admire Kat and look forward to her enthusiastic support of Montpelier over the next several years."

The Montpelier Foundation excelled under Kat's leadership from when she began in December 2012. She crisscrossed the country speaking about James Madison, the father of the Constitution of the United States, and is among the first generation of women to oversee all aspects of a national historic site. Montpelier has become a leader in the research of slavery and garnered the attention of patriotic philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, whose $11 M gift jump started efforts to reconstruct the history of slavery at Montpelier and to furnish James Madison's historic home. "Kat brilliantly and tirelessly led the effort to restore and transform Montpelier. James Madison is no doubt looking down proudly on one of his legacies." said David Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, Washington, D.C.

"Since Kat arrived at Montpelier she worked to gather financial support to bring to life the character of one of our most important founders and provide for the preservation of the home of James and Dolley Madison. While I am sorry to see Kat leave Montpelier, which The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation has supported over many years, I have the highest regard for her energy, devotion, and commitment. I know that her interests in conservation are of paramount importance to her. She accomplished so much in seven years at Montpelier and it has benefitted from her leadership." stated Joseph Erdman, Trustee, The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation.

Kat is a valued member of the Montpelier leadership team and the Charlottesville/Orange communities. She will continue to foster strong relationships across the many communities and institutions she has worked with. A tribute to this work was recently mentioned by Jacqueline B. Mars, "Kat Imhoff has been a blessing to Montpelier. Her accomplishments have been too numerous to mention. She has many fans and supporters of which I am one of the most devoted. I am sure that she will be a success no matter what she turns to."

About James Madison's Montpelier

The lifelong home of James Madison, Father of the Constitution, Architect of the Bill of Rights, and fourth President of the United States, is more than a museum. As a monument to James Madison, a museum of American history, and a center for constitutional education, Montpelier engages the public with the enduring legacy of Madison's most powerful idea: government by the people. The historic home and 2,650-acre grounds are open to visitors and student groups throughout the year; and the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at Montpelier offers world-class residential and online educational programs. Montpelier is a National Trust for Historic Preservation site. To learn more, visit www.montpelier.org.


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